Cervical cancer

In Estonia, approximately 190 women are diagnosed with cervical cancer every year.

In 2003, the Estonian Cancer Society started a national cervical cancer screening program in cooperation with the Estonian Health Insurance Fund. This screening service can detect changes in cervical cells in the early stage allowing for their removal and preventing the development of cervical cancer. Of the women invited to attend these screening clinics, 33% participated in 2006, 57% in 2008 and 62% in 2010.

The cancer screening programme is still aimed at insured women, the target group for cervical cancer screening programme consists of 30–55-year-old women.

The International Cervical Cancer Prevention Week continues in cooperation between the Estonian Health Insurance Fund and the Estonian Cancer Society. The primary goal of the prevention week at the end of the January  is to improve the awareness of women, but also the awareness of the public and medical workers about the prevention of cervical cancer and the importance of its early detection.

In 2009, theTarkuse Pärl European Cervical Cancer Association (ECCA) awarded the Estonian Cancer Society with the Pearl of Wisdom for its cervical cancer prevention work.